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Scouts BSA  is open to boys and girls aged 11 to 18. Success in life often comes down to making the best of any situation. Scouting hands kids situations, and shows them how to make the best of them. It shows them how to build their own shelter in a hailstorm so they will know how to build a solid life afterward. Whether it’s through navigating the world of computer programming, gathering food donations or figuring out how to lead a group through the woods with a map and compass, Scouting helps kids realize what they’re truly capable of.  Join the fun!


Every second with your kid is a second well spent. Scouting gives you that valuable time with them that the everyday world often doesn’t allow. There will always be dentist appointments and lawns to mow. But with Scouting, you have time guaranteed a few days a month away from everything, with the child who means everything to you.


Scouting lets kids figure out how to do things by diving in and actually doing them. You can read a book about how flint and steel make fire. You can listen to someone explain the process. But until you strike that first spark yourself, you’ll never really understand how it’s done. Scouting lets Scouts take the lead and learn for themselves. They might never be asked how to start a fire in a job interview or on a grad school application. But by doing things for themselves, they learn to take the initiative when it really counts. Like, say, when interviewing for a job or applying to grad school.


Take a kid to baseball practice and you’ll get a better fielder. Take a kid to piano practice and they’ll learn their scales. Sign a kid up for Scouting and they’ll learn how to be a better person. Sure, Scouting is about backpacking trips, service projects and Pinewood Derbies. But more than that, it’s about showing kids what it feels like to do the right thing over and over again, so they’ll learn to make a habit of it their whole life.

It's Go Time

For over 100 years, Scouts BSA has worked with parents across the country to teach character, confidence, and integrity to the next generation. The lessons learned and relationships built in Scouting have been instrumental in the lives of millions of business, civic, and community leaders for generations. It's time to experience what Scouting can do for your child.

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