The uniform makes the Boy Scout troop visible as a force for goodTr701_TIP_Guide_ver2010_page1_image12.jpg

and creates a positive youth image in the community. By dressing alike scouts show they are equal. Your uniform is a sign to yourself and to others that you are a person who can be trusted. You can be counted on to lend a hand when help is needed. The uniform is practical attire for Boy Scout activities and provides a way for Boy Scouts to wear the badges that show what they have accomplished. Troop 201 has two classes of uniforms, Class A and Class B. It is because of Scouting, and the uniform that goes with it, that you have many of the opportunities that you do. Be proud of the uniform and wear it with pride!


Class “A” Uniform: The Class A uniform consists of the ScoutTr701_TIP_Guide_ver2010_page1_image11.jpg

Long or Short sleeved shirt, Scout pants or Scout shorts (if shorts are

worn you must wear Scout socks), scout belt and buckle. The class A

uniform is worn at the Troop Meetings, some camping trips, and some service projects. The neckerchief and sash are added to the Class A uniform during Ceremonies, Court of Honorsand other special functions when announced. It is understood that scouts will sometimes get dirty, after all that is part of the fun, however as a Scout in Troop 201 you do your best to wear your Class A uniform clean, ironed, and with your shirt tucked in. A picture of the Class A uniform, with the proper insignia (patch) locations, can be found inside the front and back covers of the Boy Scout Hand Book.


Class “B” Uniform: The Class B uniform consist of a Troop or other Boy Scout T-Shirt, Scout pants or shorts, and an optional scouting cap. Remember the scout socks must be worn with shorts. Even though this uniform is not as official looking as the Class A uniform, it still is required to be worn clean, pressed, tucked in, and worn with pride.


Uniform & Gear Exchange Program: The uniform exchange program is a collection of experienced uniforms and gear used by other scouts. All scouts of Troop 201 are eligible for this program. The only requirement is that you return the experienced uniform when you have grown out of it. It is NOT guaranteed that your size will be available. To find out what sizes are available and to obtain a uniform please your ScoutMaster.







Sources of BSA Uniforms:

The Scout Shop, located inside the Cleveland Scout Council offices downtown, is a good source for camping gear and official Boy Scout Uniforms. The Scout center is located at E22nd and Woodland Avenue. The Scout Shop Phone is: (216) 274-0814. The Council Office Phone is: (216) 861-6060. Another way is to order from BSA’s Scout Stuff website:

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