We are blessed to be supported by Kiwanis and Schuster’s Greenhouse. Kiwanis provides funding for most of our gear (tents, cookware, trailer, lanterns, etc). Through the generosity of Schuster’s Greenhouse we do two large fundraisers each year. We are one of a very few Boy Scout troops who both provide most of the camping gear and do not collect dues.

Mother’s Day Flower Sale (May)

This event takes place on the Saturday & Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend and the Saturday after Mother’s Day weekend. We sell hanging baskets, annuals, and vegetables. Schuster’s provides the plants at their cost and we keep all the profits. This typically generates approximately $4000 for the troop. This covers the majority of our annual budget for patches, badges, and camperships. Scouts and parents work shifts throughout the weekend.

Christmas Tree Sale (November / December)

This event is held at Schuster’s Greenhouse. We typically set up the trees on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, then sell trees for the next two weekends. All proceeds of this sale are given to the boys to help pay for scout dues and camping. The proceeds are distributed based on how many hours each scout works at the sale.

Boy Scout Popcorn (September / October)

We participate in the Greater Cleveland Council's annual popcorn sale. In 2015 we were the second highest-selling Troop, generating over $3,800 in funding for our Council. Additionally, the 18 families who participated collectively earned over $4,100 for their Scout Accounts and a multitude of prizes. This annual fundraiser is open to all families in our Troop and we eagerly encourage all families to participate. You can get information relating to the Troop 201 Popcorn Fundraiser by visiting

Entertainment Books (October – December)

We offer entertainment books as a final means of fundraising. A member of the Troop Committee administers this program. Boys have historically earned $50-150 if they choose to participate.

Toner Recycling

We use the Funding Factory to recycle laserjet toner and inkjet cartridges. We typically raise over $1000 per year. You can bring any used cartridge to a troop meeting and we will get these mailed in. Also, if your office does not have a recycling program, we can very easily set this up so that your recycled office cartridges benefit the troop.